ZURI ​  6 yrs old
My feet and scar from dog bite
I had a massage today and it felt very, very, very good. Jane helped my feet to feel good and my dog bite too! Thank you Jane! 

Lori A.

 Janê, you are healing me like I have not experienced before! I am so lucky and happy to have you in my life! Thank you!!

Geri : ​  

Contact us:  Fantastic Results

I have been getting massages for many years, so I have experienced many different styles of massage. However, until I met Janê and received her special talents, I never realized one could actually be treated with such magic. 

Jane has a very unique treatment plan for her clients. Each and every session is devoted to what comes naturally to her. She has the ability to sense what your body, muscles, mind and spirt need. Her touch is professional and she adapts her treatment to benefit what you need at the time of your visit. 

My most recent treatment was so unique - I felt like I was floating into a deep state of relaxation and at the same time I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I can look forward to my treatments each week and I always can expect great results. I am so glad to have met Ms. Janê Dacunha. I hope you do too!

Karen L.

April 27, 2016.
I have been in pain for several months because of herniated discs in my lower spine. I walked into Dacunha in pain. I walked out with the extreme pain gone. She is a knowledgable professional and I have booked all future appointments I can until we go on vacation! I highly recommend her!

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Marissa B.  

Before coming to Janê for therapy, I was in terrible pain from my neck to my low back. After just two sessions, I was feeling like my old self again - pain free! She is wonderful. One of the best people I know.

Betsy B.


You are truly the most amazing massage therapist anywhere. After lifelong Illotibial Band tightness in my right hip area, I awoke, pain free for the first time the next day after your massage. Not only is my body responding but my mind is responding as well.   Thank You

Thank you for your feedback!

Ms. Dacunha LMT

Certified Massage Therapist & Health Coach


Liz N.

Contact us: Sciatic

I have suffered from severe sciatic pain since I was a teenager. I also have a herniated disc. I saw Jane when my back went out. By the time she was done I was able to stand without holding on and even bend over to put my shoes on. After meeting jane she has so much knowledge of the body it's amazing!! I will never see another therapist if it's not her.

Charles J. & Dorothy J.

Bell's Palsy

I found an Angel! On June 12th I woke to find the right side of my face frozen. Thinking that I had a stroke they rushed me to the Emergency Room where the doctors diagnosed me with Bell's Palsy. For the next three month I suffered with this condition, unable to open my month on the right side, and could not close my right eye. I spent months seeking treatment from my family doctor, my Ophthalmologist and a Neurologic Specialist all to no avail.

Finally, I found my Angel Janê , the most wonderful Massage Therapist. Janê is trainee to do micro-stimulation MPS therapy  [the only one I know of] and in just five treatments my face and mouth area has nearly returned to normal, and my right eye is showing signs of closing. FANTASTIC

My wife also sees Janê for massages due to back problems and agrees she is wonderful. We are both happy to have found this wonder woman JANE'.

Richard W.
Recent Massage 01/20/2017
I just had my 3rd massage from Jane and I'm extremely impressed with her skill at finding and healing areas of discomfort in my body. Been having massages for many years and Jane is a 10 on any scale.

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Kathy & Jerry

The best massage ever. Really helped eliminate neck & lower back discomfort and relaxed our muscles. Thank you!


Marvelous massage!

I have had reflexology massage in China, South American techniques in Costa Rica, and the Island Touch in Hawaii, as well as the Spa at Lake Louise in Canada…Janê, is all of them rolled into one, and better. She utilizes several techniques based on what she "feels, you need." She has a magical touch and is truly a Master.

Kelly H.

Contact Us: Thank you :)

Janê you have helped relieve headaches, tension, pain and stress. My body finally feels connected again. You’re so creative with your many techniques and tools. Thank you!!!

Criselda T. 

May 19, 2014

A-MAZING!! I cannot express how naturally intuitive this woman's hands are. She is not only knowledgeable but also very talented. Her sincere desire to help you is clearly reflected in how I feel afterwards. I wish everyone I love to be touched by this gifted healer.

Dave & Margie S.

May 30, 2014  

The best massage ever. Really helped eliminate my neck discomfort and relaxed our muscles. Thank you!

Erin S.
Contact Us: Amazing!!

I had the most amazing massage from Jane tonight. I have suffered from awful lower back pain for months, months!! Tonight, Jane eased the pain for sure. I cannot wait for my next appointment next month. Thank you so much!!!

​​ A Therapy Touch LLC

Mary S.

Great Massage! I was suffering from a sciatic issue and the massage brought much relief. I was up and about the next day. One day later I was totally pain free. I would recommend this type of massage to anyone for any reason.

Lisa A.

I have had weekly massages/body work for years in the 5 different states where I have lived. Ms. Dacunha is one of the best Therapist I have ever had. There are 2 other people in the US that I would rank as high, but none better. Her demeanor is so calming, her hands are magic and she is gifted beyond belief. I am SO grateful to be able to live where she can treat me. I feel blessed to have found her. Thank you my dear for sharing your powerful gifts with us!

Barbara M.

I can't say enough about Jane^!!! I have had massages for over 30 years and she was by far the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. Her hands are Gold. Her techniques are her's alone. I went away speechless. That is difficult for me....I will continue to go back and receive her healing powers. I think everyone deserves to experience her expertise. Thank you Jane for making me feel so refreshed, so alive. This is the first of many massages with you. I highly recommend that you see for yourself!!

Aby Navarro

Contact us: Fibromyalgia

I firts met Janê about a year ago. I was having the worst flare I ever had, and to make things worst it was a holiday. A friend contacted Jane and she left whatever she was doing to come to the office to see me. Since then I have been seen her every week and she has been a very important part on my treatment of fibromyalgia. I havent had a serius flare since. She is constantly researching new technics to help with my pain managment. I'm forever thankfull to Jane!!

Lynn H.

Wonderful massage experience, combining several techniques. My lower back went into spasm on Monday, and wasn't bouncing back the way I thought it should. My Thursday massage has helped 500%. I highly recommend Jane as a master massage therapist. I am able to get around the house now and even managed a shopping diversion at the mall. Bless those hands!

Nancy G.  12/2,/2014.

Contact Us: Awesome Massage

Want to feel awesome? See Jane!
Barb M.

Jane, I have been coming to receive your positive energy for over 4 months. I find it hard to put into words how great your techniques are for pain. Your hands go over my body and your know just where the problems are that week. You are one of the most special people I have ever met. My husband and I will continue to receive your healing powers for many many years to come. We don't know what we would do without you!! Thank you for helping us.


Today's massage was AMAZING! You are not only skillful but are, by far, the most knowledgeable therapist I have ever had. Thank you so much!

Michael P.

"I bought this as a gift for someone that I care very much about who has so much pain in their body at all times. I got a phone call after he finished with his session and he said, oh my goodness! That was very unique and wonderful! Thank you so much! He is now planning on going back next week for another session, he loved it so much" (A Therapy Touch LLC,Groupon, 2016).

Gieant a. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of my first massage ever. I learned so much and left feeling so much better.

My Session Last week

Jane did a very professional assessment and provided excellent therapy for my back and my problematic right shoulder. My shoulder feels much improved since first visit. I will be scheduling my next visit soon. Thank you.

Cynthia S.

May 15, 2014

My massage was so relaxing and enjoyable. She respected my wants and needs and I left feeling like a new person!! :)      Thank you!.

Dianna Q.

Contact Us: 

Had my first massage last night with Ms. Dacunha. This wasn't a typical feel good massage, it was better. She targeted my neck and shoulder area, using different techniques to really loosen up the muscle so she could begin to give me relief. I had continuous neck and shoulder pain for years now and after the massage I felt the tension and pain subside. I forgot what it felt like to have my muscles "relax". I'm looking forward to my next massage to keep me feeling good!

Maritza O.

Just wanted to say thank you for such wonderful Massages. I have learned so much from Jane about how my body works and how to make it feel better. She has worked on parts of my body that I didn't even know I had a problem and now I feel so much better!!! Thank you so much!

Richard & Mary

June 10, 2014.

My massage experience can only be expressed as "outstanding". My pain issues were substantially mitigated. Subsequent massages have continued my pain improvement. I am blessed to have discovered such a caring, competent, & effective massage therapist. She is a blessing to the practice of massage therapy! My wife also is having the same substantial positive results. We both concur that she is the best massage therapist we have ever experienced.

Victoria M.
Outstanding massage

Thank you for all that you do. Jane you are a master of what you do. I would never let anyone else do a deep pressure massage or MPS electronic Acupuncture on me except for you. You are a God send. You know exactly what to do and where the pain is. I want to tell everyone about you but at the same time I don't want to tell to many people because it will be difficult to get an appointment with you. lol Just kidding. I have learned to make my appointments ahead of time and I tell everyone about you. Love you honey, you're the best.

Elina H. Reviewed A Therapy Touch LLC  On Facebook — 5 star

I live in Finland, Europe, and spend my holidays in Naples, FL. Yesterday I tried Jane Dacunha massage first time - and I have to say: she is the best! And same in my own language, finnish: IHAN HUIPPUHIEROJA! Jane (kotoisinBrasililasta, jotennimilausutaankuten "janet") hallitseeuskomattomankirjonerilaisiahierontatekniikoita, jatodellapaneutuuhommaansa. Vahva suositus.I live in Finland, Europe, and spend my holidays in Naples, FL. Yesterday I tried Jane DACUNHA MASSAGE. First time - and I have to say: she is the best! And same in my own language, English: awesome masseuse! Jane (from Brasil Conference, so the name is pronounced like "Janet") Is dominated by an incredible range of massage techniques, and gets really into her job. Strong recommendation.