A Therapy Touch LLC


 Is a spiritual practice, and healing method developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. Reiki is just  like love, it has no contraindication.


Swedish Massage​

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​Reflexology focus in specific points areas on feet and hands. This alternative Therapeutic Treatment can help with many issues.


Hydrotherapy does Stimulate Circulation, relaxes muscles, and eases muscle stiffness. Cold stones reduced Inflammation. 


Egyptian Method

I believe touch is the cornerstone of any comprehensive and holistic health program. A touch is a powerful tool to alleviate stress. Come to recharge, balance, and clear your mind.

Suggestions To Calm Fear

1. Take one day at the time 

2.Search for positive things instead of negative events. "Find comfort in little things you can control."

3. Everyday is Friday attitude 

4. Exercise your body and mind

5. Meditate it will help you to understand your emotions

6. Keep Physical distance but close hearts 

7. Remember that we are here for a reason beyond our understanding.

8.  It is helpful to Tap into your creativity whatever inspired you: Painting, dancing, taking classes, Qigong 

Note: youtube has a great selection of crafts, music, yoga, Qigong, and many other forms that can help you to disconnected, and let it go.

I will use an instrument to examine the soft tissue.. Scanning  with it the muscle fibers, and this process will help to detect spots where adhesions or issues are present. After identifying the problem areas and work on them, you will fell great healing benefits.

I Pledge to treat you, with abundant care, respect, and individual attention.

​​​Hot Stone Therapy ​

Ms. Dacunha LMT

Certified Massage Therapist & Certified Health Coach


Stay at Home, Your mission at this moment is to care for yourself and others. The only way to create a great energy and acceptance is thought out love.

Stay at home! If you haven't found yourself doing it yet. Stay at Home, Keep in your mind this is not only about or because of you, it is about all of us. Stay at Home, Let it Be, and then Let It Go, somehow the shadows will fall behind you. 

Extraordinarily Beneficial for the entire body.

  • Relieves Stress
  • Lymph Circulation
  • Promotes Blood
  • Neck Pain
  • Stretching
  • Sleeping issues
  • ​Energy release